If I Was the One



Our first official music video is finally here!

We're absolutely thrilled to share with you the video for the song "If I Was the One" from our upcoming EP "Smoke And Mirrors"! We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the iCode team for their brilliant work and expertise.


ShadowIcon - If I Was the One

Track list



We are thrilled that were able to recruit a few talented guests to contribute to the final feel of Smoke and Mirrors. So on the upcoming EP you will hear a duet with Sascha Gerstner (Helloween), vocal choirs with Stefan Schmidt (Van Canto), backing vocals from Olaf Senkbeil and Betty Lenard, additional orchestrations and programming from Jeffery Hayat and Matthias Ulmer and much more.

"Smoke and Mirrors" track list is as follows:
1. (Now I See) Through a Mirror Darkly (Duet with Sascha Gerstner)
2. If I Was the One
3. The Edge
4. The Beauty Of a Rose
5. My Plea
6. (Now I See) Through a Mirror Darkly (Reprise)

The EP will be released as a double CD digipak with the first CD containing the normal mixes and the second CD containing the instrumental versions of the songs.

New Web Page



We're extremely excited to introduce to you the cover of our upcoming EP "Smoke and Mirrors" and with it our remodeled web page. As you can also see the band logo has undergone major surgery.

SHADOWICON SmokeMirrors cover






 Empire In Ruins (2011)

 Smoke & Mirrors (2014)


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