Hi Guys and Girls, Apologies for being so quiet until now but the photo shoot has been postponed until 6th July 2013 due to some scheduling conflicts. Rest assured we want to make a bit of professional re-branding so we are confident that the wait will pay off. For now we are happily rehearsing with our new set-up; don’t worry the band members are all still the same and very much present…we mean with our new equipment/hardware set-up. We have decided to use some wireless stuff, in-ear monitoring and some other cool stuff which will enable us to bring our live performance to the next level.

Studio Jork


Here's an update to the latest development on the “Smoke and Mirrors” project. The studio is now booked. We will record the album in Studio Jork ( which is situated on the northern tip of the Adriatic Coast near to the Italian border (5 km) and the town of Trieste. Based around a Solid State Logic (SSL) 4056 console, the studio offers great selection of microphones and other top-notch outboard gear. We will also bring some of our own stuff including one Pro Tools HDX2 rig and a C|24 control surface that provides direct hands-on control of Pro Tools|HD mixing, recording, and editing.

Also you can check out & subscribe to our youtube channel and listen to some of our tracks from the "Empire In Ruins" album -






 Empire In Ruins (2011)

 Smoke & Mirrors (2014)


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