Ana Prijatelj Pelhan (vocals)

Tomaž Lovšin (guitars)

Bojan Kostanjšek (guitars)

Matej Ravšelj (bass)

Peter Smrdel (keys)

Žiga Ravšelj (drums)


ShadowIcon small



ShadowIcon history


Born and raised in Slovenia, ShadowIcon are a six piece melodic metal band with a heavy impact and a compelling lead female vocalist. The ShadowIcon story began back in the year 2006 when a few friends had a wish to form a band. Each member was influenced by different musical styles so eventually the decision was made to play melodic and symphonic metal. It soon became evident that this style of music isn't for every member, so in the first months of 2007 the line-up changed dramatically. After all the changes through the years the band now consists of the following members: Ana Prijatelj Pelhan (vocals), Tomaz Lovsin (guitars), Bojan Kostanjsek (guitars), Peter Smrdel (keyboards), Matej Ravselj (bass guitars) and Ziga Ravselj (drums).


In 2011 the band released their first full length album titled “Empire in Ruins”. It is a concept album and every song tells a different part of the story which develops throughout the whole album. The story behind the songs is set around the time of Roman Republic and its demise, giving the listener a taste of the intertwined fates of Julius Caesar, Gaius Octavian, Cleopatra, Mark Antony and other historical figures as they go along. The recording of the songs took place in both RSL studio and Kif-Kif studios (Slovenia) in the year 2009 and additionally in 2011. Mixing and mastering were done in Twilight Hall Studios by Thomas Geiger and Charlie Bauerfiend. Empire in Ruins was released as a CD digipack on 23rd of November, 2011.


Taking metal and symphonic elements, but marrying them to a tuneful vocal and a great appreciation for a stylish groove, the band serve up a potent blend of heaviness on the new EP ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, released on December 15th, 2014. The album was produced by Tomaž Lovsin and co-produced by Thomas Geiger and Charlie Bauerfeind. It was recorded in September/October 2012 at Studio Jork, Slovenia and mixed and mastered at the Twilight Hall Studios, Germany in March 2013 by Charlie Bauerfeind and Thomas Geiger. The EP is released as a double CD digipak with the first CD containing the normal mixes and the second CD containing the instrumental versions of the songs. As a special treat there's also a duet with Sascha Gerstner (from Helloween), vocal choirs with Stefan Schmidt (from Van Canto), backing vocals from Olaf Senkbeil and Betty Lenard, additional orchestrations and programming from Jeffery Hayat and Matthias Ulmer and much more. Designed to build on the new, melodic metal sound of the debut album, the songs are a fusion of different tastes and styles from the band’s three songwriters, all blending into great cocktail of pounding drums, searing guitars and piercing vocals. In Oktober 2014 the band visited iCode team in Serbia and shot their first music video for the song "If I Was the One" from the new album.


Currently the band is actively working on promoting the new album Smoke and Mirrors and also scribbling down ideas for songs to come.