SHADOWICON SmokeMirrors cover

Smoke and Mirrors was released on 15th of December 2014. The track list is as follows:


1. (Now I See) Through a Mirror Darkly (Duet with Sascha Gerstner)
2. If I Was the One
3. The Edge
4. The Beauty Of a Rose
5. My Plea
6. (Now I See) Through a Mirror Darkly (Reprise)


The EP is released as a double CD digipak with the first CD containing the normal mixes and the second CD containing the instrumental versions of the songs. We were able to recruit some much known guests that have contributed to the final feel of the album. You will hear a duet with Sascha Gerstner (from Helloween), vocal choirs with Stefan Schmidt (from Van Canto), backing vocals from Olaf Senkbeil and Betty Lenard, additional orchestrations and programming from Jeffery Hayat and Matthias Ulmer and much more. 


All graphical arrangements for this EP were made and designed by Markus Doernberger. Produced by: Tomaž Lovšin Co-produced by: Thomas Geiger and Charlie Bauerfeind. “Smoke and Mirrors” was recorded in September/October 2012 at Studio Jork, Slovenia and mixed and mastered at the Twilight Hall Studios, Germany in March 2013 by Charlie Bauerfeind and Thomas Geiger. Special thanks: The band wishes to extend their personal thanks and greetings to all their families and friends. Special thanks also go to the following people: Vid Zgonc, Thomas Geiger, Charlie Bauerfeind, Žare Pak, Sascha Gerstner, Markus Doernberger, Stefan Schmidt, Olaf Senkbeil, Betty Lenard, Matthias Ulmer, Jeffrey Hayat and all the other people that we’ve either had the pleasure to work with or gotten to know over these years and our friends that we might have forgotten to mention specifically but are always in our hearts.





ShadowIcon EmpireInRuins Cover

Empire In Ruins was released on 23th of November 2011. The track list is as follows:


1. Before The Storm

2. On The Ides Of March

3. A New Chapter

4. Lex Titia

5. Endless Shades Of Pain

6. Eastbound

7. King Of Kings

8. The Alliance

9. Battle Of Actium

10. Deceptive Dreams

11. The Haunting

12. End Of Days

13. Immortal

14. Battle Of Actium (radio edit)


All graphical arrangements for this album were made and designed by Joana Dias. The story behind the songs is setaround the time of Roman Republic and its demise.Every song tells a different part of the story which develops throughout the whole album. Listen to theintertwinedfatesof Julius Caesar, Gaius Octavian, Cleopatra, MarkAntony and other historical figures as you go along. Next to the lyrics in the booklet, you will also be able to find historical descriptions behind each and every song.


The drums, bass lines and keys were recorded in RSL studio in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Guitars, lead vocals and back vocals were recorded in Kif-Kif studios in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We thank our vocal producer Žare Pak for vocal/back vocal arrangements and Teja Saksida for recording the back vocal lines on this album. Mixing and mastering were done in Twilight Hall Studios by Thomas Geiger and Charlie Bauerfiend.